Labour Market Opinions

A Labour Market Opinion is a document produced by Service Canada, also known as Human Resources and Skills Development Canada which confirms whether or not the hiring of a foreign worker will be beneficial to the Canadian economy. A positive Labour Market Opinion will confirm that there is a lack of suitable Canadian applicants for a particular job and that the hiring of foreign workers will be necessary in order to fill that job.

In order for a work permit to be issued to the foreign worker, a copy of the positive Labour Market Opinion must be included with their application. Therefore, a positive LMO is a requirement for most Canadian Work Permits.

Starting May 4th, 2013, ALL Federal Skilled Worker Program applications applying under Arranged Employment MUST include a valid, positive Labour Market Opinion in order to receive 15 points on the selection criteria.

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Labour Market Opinions

National Occupational Classification (NOC)

All jobs in Canada are classified according to the National Occupation Classification (NOC). There are 5 categories: 0, A, B, C, D. The first three skill levels, O, A and B are considered skilled occupations. The C skill level is considered semi-skilled and the D skill level is considered low-skilled. For the Federal Skilled Worker Program, only work experience in skill levels 0, A and B qualify. To determine the skill level of a particular job, download the following PDF for instructions:

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National Occupational
Classification (NOC) PDF

Processing Times

Please visit the following link to Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s official list of Federal Skilled Worker Program processing times around the world.

Application Forms

Wanting to file your application alone? Here is a link to access all of the application forms for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Language Testing

Looking for more information on writing the IELTS exam, here is a link to the British Council’s website, the organization primarily responsible for administering the IELTS exam:

Police Certificates

Here is link to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s official guide for acquiring police certificates for your Federal Skilled Worker Program application. Each country has its own individual instructions:

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